We implemented important cellular processes, i.e. transcription, translation and degradation, to model the principle regulation mechanisms available in our RNAdevices database as ODE systems. The corresponding files in ODE and SBML format are available under version control on gituhub.

Sabine Schneider joins the consortium and will work in Düsseldorf on the in vivo RNA testing part.

Andre will give insights into our work in his presentation entitled "Folding pathway of DNA nanostructures at the single molecule level " this moth at the 20th international conference on DNA Computing and Molecular Programming in Kyoto.

We will have our 3rd RiboNets meeting in September which will be also the official evaluation and report meeting with the EU officer and three reviewers after one year.

First RNA devices have been designed by the team in Vienna and are currently investigated by in vitro and in vivo experiments.

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